About us

We are Derenko,

Passionate, impulsive, creative & playful. With our love for interior design in hospitality and gastronomy, we stage since 1910 the stage called "life".

We are designers & planners, thinkers & designers, tinkers & technicians.
We always see our projects as a whole. You can find full service in every pencil tip.
A multitude of successfully implemented projects lets our hearts beat faster.

A company with history

Cohesion & Commitment

“Surround yourself with people
who have a sparkle in their eyes…”

Just by that criteria we set up our team. Especially the interpersonal level has to be solid and remain intact even during high-pressure projects. Our project teams work well with each other – and you can feel that day after day. And if we show we´re human beings by making mistakes, we always find the right solutions afterwards.

To strengthen our solidarity, we offer our team a wide range of activities, leisure activities and further education. These special moments and positive experiences not only benefit the working atmosphere, but also our customers.

Our Clients